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The Energy Advisor Stream will include 3 courses delivered online via readings and live lectures, as well as an onsite lab to practice the notions learned during the first two courses. The last course will allow students to perform energy audits on new and existing constructions, and provide hands-on skills on equipment used by Energy Advisors. The competencies gained with the Energy Advisor stream will include: Solid understanding of Energy Audit processes, in the context of building and renovating, heating, ventilation, heat loss testing, air conditioning, energy modelling, integration of energy systems in a structure, and prepare the students to take the NRCan Foundation and Energy Advisor exams. Students will be prepared to fulfill most of the requirements to become Energy Advisor, currently a high demand skill. Students will gain confidence on conducting energy audits and using the required measurement tools, including practicing with the Hot2000 program, as well as learning customer service conventions and “tips of the trades” by a highly qualified instructor.

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In this course students come to campus for hands-on training. This course introduces Sustainable Energy Technology students to onsite energy auditing, ...  View More

QNRG 232

Daily - Fri,Sat,Sun 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (6/9/2023-6/11/2023)

Tuition: $755.00

Location: Vermilion Campus Location : 
  Vermilion Campus.

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