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The Biogas Stream will include 3 online courses (3 credits for two courses). The total transferable credits for this program will be 6 credits should a student wish to further their studies and obtain a higher credential. The competencies gained with the Biogas stream will include: Solid understanding of Biogas principles and production, including bio-mass, bio-energy, bio-heat, as well as emerging technologies in the field of biofuel. The Bioenergy and Biofuel Stream will include the following courses: • RC207 – Introduction to Biofuels course. 45 hours, 3 credits. Fully transferable in the Certificate program. Course duration is 8 weeks. Examines basic principles and practices of biofuel production. Topics include overview of production processes of biodiesel and ethanol. Quality, cost, and performance issues of these fuels discussed as well as benefits and challenges. • RC323 Bio-Energy and Biogas course. 45 hours, 3 credits. Fully transferable in the Diploma program. Course duration is 8 weeks. The course reviews the potential utilization of bio-energy technologies like biomass, bioheat, biogas, and other emerging bio-industries. • QNRG240 Hydrogen Energy Technology. The Hydrogen Energy Technology course is an introductory course on the emerging Hydrogen energy vector and its paradigm. It will cover topics related to current industry practices associated with Hydrogen production from fossil and renewable resources, purification techniques, storage and transport methods. Finally, it will dive deep into its existing and emerging end-use applications in the carbon-constrained transportation sector and the broader global economy. • QNRG241 - Optional Biofuel training On-Site Lab Prerequisite: RC322

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